Ship Assist and Escort Services

Heritage Marine routinely and expertly handles the largest containerships and tankers in the great lakes. Heritage Marine has supported more and more arrivals each and every year in the Twin Ports area and is becoming the go to Marine Services company for their cost effective services and vessel capabilities. Our Experienced and professional crews provide safe, reliable service for container shipping and maritime transportation. In addition, Heritage Marine supports port operations and the US Coast Guard throughout the Twin Ports area and Lake Superior.

Inovative Solutions
Heritage Marine continues to drive innovation with cutting-edge solutions to existing tugs in both hull and power, and maritime technology to deploy some of the most technologically advanced tractor tugs in the Great Lakes. Our state-of-the art vessels can control the largest tankers and freighters the Great Lakes can see. Our fleet with the Helen H., the Nels J., and the Edward H., tractor tugs meet the performance criteria for tanker escort required by U.S. Coast Guard and all applicable state regulations in each port where we operate.